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LINE Cafe is a new communication tool from the creators of LINE that allows its users to communicate not with their friends, but rather with any other person using the app in their proximity.

The way it works is very simple. All you have to do is write a question (or several) within the 'cafe' where you find yourself, and wait for a response from other users. These 'cafes' are nothing more than different localizations delimiting the area where you have to be to read those questions.

The name of the application may seem strange, but it comes from one way to use the app - from within bars, restaurants, cafes, and other social establishments.

The app could really come in handy for someone who has doubts or questions about something related to their location and wants to consult with other people. Using this app, you can not only find answers to your questions, but perhaps also meet people who share your interests...

LINE Cafe is an interesting application, similar to 'Spotbros', but mixed in with the charisma of LINE. The result is an excellent communication tool.
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